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there's no comfort in a waiting room

I'm feeling an overwhelming sense of love for everyone and everything. Words cannot give what I feel justice.

General Conference's final two sessions today. Gordon B. Hinckley is pretty much the cutest, sweetest, funniest old man ever. (:

Tucker came by today and gave me Death Cab For Cutie's Plans. And he got his braces off. but the CD is amazing and I want Elliot to learn another one of the songs. "I will follow you into the dark" is so pretty. Another song to add to my list of favorites. I really like "Marching bands of Manhattan" too. And "What Sarah Said".

I love all my family. I realized just how much I love my grandparents today. And I found out just how much I really miss my grandfather, who passed away about four years ago. And how nice it is to have a grandmother who truly loves me.

I love my friends. And I know that there are some confrontations between certain people. But that's growing up. We all need time to learn and grow. In the end, we're all immature teenagers. I think we'll only realize how much we've grown when we look back at this and see how needless this all was. People wonder how I don't make enemies, how I'm always happy with myself. Like there's something about me. It's because I don't hold grudges, and various other reasons. It's because I want to be this way. And I have nothing against people who do, but it causes far less hurt and strife and contention to just forgive. Forgetting, we should never do. But always forgive. Do you honestly think that I am mad at the surgeon who changed my life forever? Absolutely not. But will I ever forget and be operated on him again? I think not. But what I think is, if someone does one thing wrong, we should not judge it repeatedly, spreading the infection and letting it fester, until new wounds are found from the bacteria of hate that have spread.

So in this, I will stay nuetral. It's just another teenage drama. One worthy of Laguna Beach and MTV. But time mends everything. I just think it's silly to end one of the strongest friendships I have seen in my entire life. Mary, Emilie, you two need each other. I think you'll both see in time how much you two really do complete each other. And in time, I'm sure you'll see that too.
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